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Jill Swanson, Bio
Jill Swanson - Bio

It would be easy to believe that Jill was born with exceptional looks and style, but she is living proof that beauty begins within. Underneath her impeccable exterior is evidence of a profound challenge. Jill was born with a rare birth defect.


This lifelong issue has given Jill deep respect for the power of spirit, attitude and grace. At a very young age, she gained special sensitivity to the impact of appearance and has devoted her life to helping people always be their very best, inside and out.


Jill began her career as a color analyst and makeup consultant more than two decades ago. Today, she is a foremost expert in the field and is a highly sought-after consultant.


As a member of the National Speakers Association, she inspires, motivates, and delights audiences across the nation and the globe.  She has compiled her knowledge of color, style, makeup, accessorizing, wardrobe, organization and more in her book, Simply Beautiful, an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manual to help you look and feel fabulous without spending a fortune.


Jill is also a long standing member with the Association of Image Consultants International. For more information about Jill Swanson, click here to read Jill's Story.


Member of the National Speakers Association
  Long standing member with the Association of Image Consultants International